8 June 2018

Pixel Pioneers Bristol


A one-day conference of practical and inspiring talks, featuring eight world-class speakers, preceded by a choice of two full-day workshops, plus side events. 

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All sessions and timings are subject to change. We will update the schedule as soon as we confirm talks and side events.

Thursday, 7 June 2018 (Workshop Day)

  • 10:00

    Talk Details

    Michael Flarup

    Designing Better App Icons

    Join designer Michael Flarup as he takes you on a quest for the long lost art of icon design.

    This workshop is packed full of stories, advice and pixels. Michael will blow your mind with a neon-infused journey that teaches you how to create the single most important visual aspect of your product: the app icon. 

    Michael uses his passion for icon design as a proxy to all design, and the core principles you'll learn in this workshop will be applicable to all areas of design (UI and product design in particular). As Michael says: becoming a good iconist will make you a better designer.

    What you'll learn

    • Why app icon design is so crucial
    • The 5 core principles of successful icon design
    • How to design your own icon
    • How to critique icons

    The workshop will feature lots of real-world examples, Michael's own templates for Photoshop and Sketch and other tools that will help you deliver great designs. There'll be something in it for everybody, whether you're just about to make your first app icon or a seasoned veteran.

    In the last part of the day, Michael will host an open discussion about how to do what you love — specifically about starting and running businesses. Here we can discuss everything from how to pursue the right projects, how to deal with clients and how to get paid.

    You will need a laptop with either Photoshop or Sketch installed.

  • 10:00

    Talk Details

    Joe Leech

    Psychology for UX and Product Design

    Last year user experience and product management consultant Joe Leech gave one of the most popular talks at the inaugural Pixel Pioneers conference. Now he's back with a workshop that will provide you with a practical, hands-on way to understand how the human brain works and apply that knowledge to UX and product design. 

    You know some things are ‘good design’ and some things are ‘bad design’ for UX but have never been quite sure why? Learn the psychological principles behind how our brain makes sense of the world and apply that to product and user interface design.

    What you'll learn

    Through a series of fun, practical exercises you’ll learn:

    • Psychology and interaction design. How to evaluate and design interactions such as search, navigation and ecommerce using psychology
    • Psychology and user experience. How humans build models of the world and how to build your product around those models
    • Psychology and the dark arts. Persuasive design, cognitive biases and other brain hacks. Do they really work? We’ll look how to apply them in practise and explore the ethics involved.
    • Evaluating, improving and innovating digital products based on psychology
    • Mapping and designing the details using a psychological approach
    • Loads of little psychology tidbits that will improve a design and make you a bettּer designer

    After the workshop you'll be able to: 

    • Design products, apps and websites that match how people think and behave
    • Find, understand, evaluate and apply psychology theory to digital product design
    • Make better, informed design decisions and advocate to the wider team using psychology theory

    Come to the workshop and you’ll able to put psychology into practice as soon as you get back to the office.

  • 17:00

    Workshops end

Friday, 8 June 2018 (Conference Day)

  • 8:45

    Registration and Welcome

  • 9:30


  • 10:15

    Talk Details

    Heydon Pickering

    Inclusive Design: Get Your Priorities Straight

    Inclusive interface design isn't about making things work for literally everyone, but we need to stop making 'perfect' experience for the very few. With help from Taylor Swift, Heydon will talk to us about how to reassess our priorities and do some of our least perfect and best work.

  • 10:55

    Morning Break

  • 11:20


  • 12:05


  • 12:45


  • 14:00

    Talk Details

    Michael Flarup

    How I Became a Maker (and Learned the Secrets of the Universe)

    Join designer Michael Flarup for a journey through his career. An entertaining personal story, sharing everything from old work, odd jobs, great failures and the many lessons learned along the way. Learn how to make shit up, make a lot and even make better things. But above all, learn why you need to do what you think is fun and how to, despite all odds, find your way.

  • 14:45

    Talk Details

    Laurence Penney

    Variable Fonts: Possibilities++, Bandwidth--

    The font world was super-excited when Google, Microsoft, Adobe and Apple announced the OpenType 1.8 Variable Font format in September 2016. Development versions of Safari soon supported Variable Fonts via the ‘font-variation-settings’ CSS property. Yet the technology’s success depends on being embraced by typography’s new vanguard: UX designers and front-end developers. 

    Using his Axis-Praxis website and other tools Laurence will explain the many benefits for the web: responsive type within responsive design, reduced webfont payload, UI animation, and tweaking font weights and widths at any point in the design process. He also explains how to deploy Variable Fonts in real projects and encourages dialogue with font makers to make sure they’re making the responsive fonts you need.

  • 15:25

    Afternoon Break

  • 15:50

    Talk Details

    Ida Aalen

    When User Testing Drives Development

    Startups are always pressed for time and resources — but they're also under pressure to quickly develop something that works and meets their customers' needs. Early-stage startup Confrere prioritised user testing from day one. Chief product officer Ida Aalen will show you how to do user testing with limited resources, and how they got everyone from the CEO to the sound designer involved in the process.

  • 16:35


  • 17:15

    End and Drinks!


Pixel Pioneers Bristol will take place right at the harbourside in the heart of the city. We've put together a little guide to our venues, places to stay and eat, and other great things to see in Bristol. 

M Shed
Conference Venue

M Shed

Museum St, Bristol BS1, UK

The M Shed, a former 1950s transit shed, is a cultural landmark and now museum telling the story of the city and its unique place in the world. Bristol Temple Meads train station is only a short walk away, and there are also two small carparks nearby. 

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